Alternative Income Fund (AIIFX)

Fund Overview

The Timber Point Alternative Income Strategy is a fixed income diversification approach designed to complement traditional bond portfolios by diversifying away from interest rate risk, as the primary source of return. The Timber Point Alternative Income Fund (AIIFX) offers the same philosophy, approach, and process at the Timber Point Alternative Income Strategy SMA within a 1940 Act Vehicle.


Actively managed portfolio of income oriented securities including traditional domestic fixed income, high yield, emerging market debt, bank loans, dividend oriented equities and other income generating securities


Higher total return targets versus traditional fixed income, with similar volatility and risk characteristics achieved from active management, diversification and hedges

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Utilize the resources of the firm’s macro asset allocation team to further hedge and mitigate meaningful drawdown risk


Accessible via SMA and Mutual Fund

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"Going forward, among the biggest challenges investors will face will be prudent income generation in a low interest rate environment"

David Cleary, CFA - Timber Point Founder & CIO


Alternative Income Fund (AIIFX) Resources



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Fund Information

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Ticker Symbol AIIFX  
CUSIP Number 885572461  
Minimum Investment $1,000  


Fund Documents

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Fund Operating Expenses


  I Share  
Management Fees 0.80%  
Distribution and/or Service (12b-1) Fees 0.00%  
Other Expenses 1.97%  
Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses 1 0.24%  
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses 2 3.01%  
Fee Waivers and Expense Reimbursements (0.89%)  
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses After Waivers and/or Expense Reimbursements 3 2.12%  


1 This number represents the combined total fees and operating expenses of the underlying funds (e.g., investment companies and other pooled investment vehicles) owned by the Fund and is not a direct expense incurred by the Fund or deducted from the Fund’s assets. Since the number does not represent a direct operating expense of the Fund, the operating expenses set forth in the Fund’s financial highlights do not include this figure. 

2 Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses do not correlate to the ratio of expenses to average net assets provided in the Financial Highlights. The information in the Financial Highlights reflects the operating expenses of the Fund and does not include Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses or the Expense Limitation Agreement described below. Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses are the fees and expenses incurred indirectly by the Fund as a result of its investments in investment companies and other pooled investment vehicles. 

3 Pursuant to an operating expense limitation agreement between Timber Point and the Fund, the Adviser has agreed to waive or reduce its fees and to assume other expenses of the Fund, if necessary, in an amount that limits “Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses” (exclusive of interest, expenses incurred under a plan of distribution adopted pursuant to Rule 12b-1 under the 1940 Act, taxes, acquired fund fees and expenses, brokerage commissions, dividend expenses on short sales and other expenditures which are capitalized in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and other extraordinary expenses not incurred in the ordinary course of such Fund’s business) to not more than 1.70% of the average daily net assets of each share class of the Fund through January 31, 2022. This operating expense limitation agreement can be terminated only by, or with the consent of, the Board of Trustees. Each waiver or reimbursement of an expense by the Adviser is subject to repayment by the Fund within three years from the date of the waiver or reimbursement, provided that the Fund is able to make the repayment without exceeding the expense limitation in place at the time of the waiver or reimbursement and at the time of the recoupment.


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