Portfolio Solutions

Timber Point Portfolio Solutions Strategy Materials

Timber Point's Portfolio Solutions Strategy seeks superior risk-adjusted returns by allocating capital across a wide variety of global asset classes.

The strategy achieves this through:

  • Repeatable global asset allocation framework
  • A global portfolio solution that aims to achieve attractive returns at acceptable levels of risk
  • Integrated process of asset allocation, risk management and portfolio construction ensures consistency of portfolio returns relative to client objectives
  • Simple and transparent investment framework implemented with ETF's, Mutual Funds and individual stocks and bonds.
Asset 11

Fact Sheet

Most recent strategy returns, key statistics, exposures and holdings related data.


Investor Presentation

Overview of our investment universe, philosophy, process and portfolio characteristics.



Comprehensive analysis of returns and various performance-related statics since inception.

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Tree Moving Background2020-04-23 13-48-55-735-1 copy
Commentary Transparent

Q4 2020 Market Outlook

A very successful competitor asset manager in Boston famously produces a periodic report where they forecast expected real returns of various asset classes for the subsequent seven years. This report is often cited in the financial press and is held by many to be the standard of prudent long term thinking about opportunities across various investments and where wise, forward looking investors should allocate their monies. Unique asset classes are very often favored while run of the mill asset classes, such as US large cap stocks and bonds, are typically viewed as unattractive....

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