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Timber Point Capital Management

Solution Oriented Investing


Timber Point Capital Management is a New York-based, boutique investment management firm providing alternative and multi-asset solutions to a wide range of clientele including independent financial advisors, registered funds, institutions and private clients.


What is Solution Oriented Investing?

Client Objectives Drive the Process

Understanding the financial goals and objectives of our clients is the first and key variable in developing an appropriate investment solution;  Risk orientation, tax status, income requirements, currency positioning and concentrated holdings all factor in the development of the core allocation which is the bedrock in the creation of an appropriate portfolio solution.

No Asset Class or Investment Strategy Bias

We believe that on a risk-adjusted basis and over the long term, no single asset class or investment strategy should dominate.  There are times when an active approach works and other times when passive is the way to go; sometimes large-cap stocks are right, and other times small caps are.  As economic and investment cycles evolve, asset classes will come in and out of favor and each asset class will have a time to outperform. 

An Anticipatory

A top-down global perspective, focusing on global macroeconomic trends, policy changes at the government level and a range of other geo-political inputs help guide us in identifying and anticipating some of the secular and cyclical changes in relative performance across asset classes, economic regions, sectors and securities.

This objective approach coupled with our active, forward looking view of the world is the framework which guide us in creating and managing efficient portfolios which provide solutions to our client's financial and investment needs.

Objective, forward looking, multi-asset investing is our only offering.

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